Who We Are


M. Barrett Miller
Co-Founder Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.
Managing Director,
Western Hemisphere.

 While living in Russia, England and Ireland, Mr. Miller traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  During those travels, Mr. Miller had the opportunity to observe and assist people living in extremely difficult conditions. This experience included assisting various organizations in the development of programs to distribute food and educate the poor and disenfranchised.

Throughout the years Mr. Miller has been actively involved in trying to protect wildlife in various places around the world.

He was co founder of a non-profit (Greater Seattle Cares) dedicated to assisting the homeless in making transitions into housing and the workplace.

Mr. Miller has authored several books. Three of them will share net profits with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the American Cancer Society, and the Woodland Park Zoo.
The stories are drawn from day to day experiences serving the poor, the homeless, the terminally ill, and kids who will change the world and the protection of our Environment, Peoples and Endangered Species around the globe. 
Mr. Miller has authored a number of novels based on various adventures around the world.

Mr. Miller has assisted Mr. Graham in Australia, on a number of occasions, supporting his programs with the Cape York Aboriginals. See Mapoon and Lamalama Peoples ebook.

Connemara Productions Ltd was created in order to support the advocacy work of Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. through video production, articles, books and speaking engagements. All proceeds are used to support the work of Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.


Terry Graham,
Co-Founder Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.
 Managing Director,

Mr. Graham has a career of working with victims of war and natural calamities in Indonesia, East Timor, Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Viet Nam. A major emphasis has been dealing with children caught up in these crises. Mr. Graham recently returned from Dilli, East Timor, where he was responsible for providing shelter and assistance to the many children and vulnerable families affected by the civil unrest. He is a founding member of a voluntary group working to better the care and education of children in the southern part of Vietnam through the building of schools, clinics and a large orphanage in regional villages.

 Mr. Graham has a lifetime commitment to the Aboriginal people of Australia, particularly in furthering the advancement of those in the remote Cape York Peninsula region. He has extensive knowledge of the history, customs and culture of the various tribal groups throughout much of Australia.  

Mr. Graham has orchestrated many projects to support the needs and aspirations of the people in the area of housing, education and enterprise. He was recently in the Northern Territory where he met University
of Melbourne students who operate “Teachabout”, a youth-led organisation that runs a school holiday program to extend and enrich learning through activities in remote communities.
Mr. Graham 
is very enthusiaastic about this, and other programs, he has visited that attempt to make life a little better for many in remote areas across Australia…

Mr. Graham is considered an expert on the wildlife, methods of protection, how to educate, and finding balance with the wide range of fauna and flora in the Cape York Peninsula.

Recently Mr. Graham was invited by the President of East Timor to return to help with further plans for reconstruction. Upon completion of that project Mr. Graham returned to Australia to continue his active involvement with various Aboriginal tribes and the further protection of wildlife and the environment in the South Pacific.

As of July 2021, he is writing a book on his incredible life. The book will range from war to outreach to several Aboriginal populations.


Miller Megan Anne Hoyrup
Vice President 

Megan is involved with Special Olympics, working with young kids in Special Education, and reaching out to those on death row.
 She is also very active in women’s rights and animal rescue efforts.
Presently she is working with seriously developmentally challenged kids whose behavior requires all the skills she has developed over the years.


Let Kids Be Kids Inc. is supported by a Board and an Advisory Committee made up of students drawn from Middle School, High School and University.

Seattle, Washington

Tuross Head. NSW, Australia  

Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. is a 501 (C3) non profit allowing tax deductible donations
Based in: United States,   US EIN #: 20-5567039
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*Member of Advocacy Committee – Woodland Park Zoo

* Patient Outreach with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

*Volunteer with “Road to Recovery” a American Cancer Society program

* Woodland Park Zoo Ambassador

* Earthwatch Ambassador

* Member of Advisory Team to YMCA International Programs, Teen Leadership & Development

* Member of Care Team Advisory Committee, Samaritan Center, in service to the terminally ill – HIV/AIDS Care Teams

 * Advisor to Natives Rising, Tsimshian organization creating the “Kindness Campaign”

* Member Interfaith Task-Force on Homelessness

* Member Lake City Task – Force on Homelessness & Poverty

* Certificate of Appreciation, Service & Community Engagement, Seattle University 2013/15

* KING Television, “Girls and Friend with AIDS”, listed as one 2016 favorites by anchor Dennis Bounds.

* Writers Union/AFL-CIO support to Youth Advocacy work in strengthening school curriculums.

* State of Washington Resolution #4652 honoring our work with young people.

* Women’s Rights Advocacy-KOMO Television Interview

* Girls Service to AIDS Patient – KING Television Segment 

* Congressman Jim McDermott letter of support for kids outreach. (Duwamish Tribal recognition)

* Office of the Mayor, Greg Nickels, various enterprises and work with kids in community outreach.

* Salvation Army recognition of our work with kids and the elderly.

* Greater Seattle Cares recognizes my work with the poor involving young people into the solution.

* Seattle University Alumni Magazine highlights and reviews “View from the Tent.” Re-written as “Atreus’s View from a Tent” in 2021

* Children’s Hospital recognition of support from students to kids in the hospital.

* Eileen Cody, State Representative, recognition and thanks for work with students and community programs and outreach. Sponsored State of Washington Proclamation in our name.

* Duwamish Nation, recognition of support of kids to tribal identity.

* Seattle University, Magis, recognition and thanks for Katrina work,
student trip to work on homes in Mississippi and Alabama.

* Multifaith Works, recognition for HIV/AIDS “team” work.

* “View from the Tent” as “Best narrative on Homelessness…”

* Rotary International, Geelong, recognition of support.

* Lamalama, Coen, recognition of support and assistance…

* Nomination as Alumni of the year, Seattle University 2015.

* Bailey-Boushay House, letter of recognition for service and support for Carlson Center and youth involvement with residents.

* Mapoon letter of thanks for work on the Pennefather.

* Safe Passages, Guatemala, letters of thanks for volunteerism.

* Forward Edge recognition of Katrina work.

* Avivara, Guatemala, recognition of various contributions.

* San Pedro Sula Med Services, HIV training documentation.

* Most popular rating, Lulu.com, for “View from the Tent.”

* Carlson Center, University of Washington, Service to UW students.

* Swedish Hospital/Univ. of Washington Medical,- HIV Works for Me!

* City Year, Seattle, conducted various youth seminars, job training, marketing of youth skills.

* Outstanding Service Award 2010, Holy Family School, “Caring Leadership”

* EarthWatch Institute – acknowledgement of support and articles on expeditions. 2015/2016/2019 Ambassador for Earthwatch in NW.

* Lifelong Aids Alliance – recognition of fund raising and on-going volunteerism/Dine Out For Life …

* Member of Magis-Seattle University/Youth Initiative

* Member Seattle Irish Club